TOPIC S.A. is an independent energy Company, with a primary focus on oil and gas exploration and production, and with emphasis on North Africa and particulary on Tunisia.
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Concession bloc

In late 2006, TOPIC acquired 100% interests in the offshore “HALK EL MENZEL” concession (HelM) from the Austrian company OMV.

“HALK EL MENZEL” was issued from the “Golfe Hammamet” permit which was governed by the agreement (“Convention Particulière”) dated January the 5th 1964 made between the Tunisian State and PETROBAR.

This convention has been amended on several occasions and the permit has been renewed 7 times between 1964 and 1987.

The “HALK EL MENZEL” Concession was granted for a 50 year period ending on December, 31st 2029.
On August, 18th 2000, the Concession became subject to the new Hydrocarbon Code.

The “HALK EL MENZEL” Concession covers an area of 570 km² and is located in the Gulf of Hammamet basin, offshore Tunisia (the field lies approximately 70 km to the north East of Monastir, water depth is 76 m (250 ft)), a significant petroleum province. The basin comprises Tertiary and Cretaceous aged sediments, mostly carbonates.
The area of the original permit was 8,864 Km2. Up to 10,266 Km of seismic where acquired and 14 wells were drilled.
“HALK EL MENZEL” field was discovered by HEM-1 well which was drilled by ELF in 1977 and successfully appraised in 1979 by the HEM-4 well.

The concession contains two main structures:

• The discovered Miocene reservoirs:
The reservoir assessed consists of Miocene age limestones of the Ain Grab and Ketatna formations at depths ranging from 700 to 784 metres Sub Sea. The reservoir consists of grey shell limestone deposited in shallow marine conditions. Porosity is well developed. Compaction and cementation are generally lacking.

• The Serdj (Aptian) prospect :
Early appraisal had indicated the existence of a structure beneath the Miocene reservoirs: the Serdj objective. According to recent G&G works and appraisals, the Serdj formation is expected at 3000 m below sea level.

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